Announcing Fitnex, the online exercise analyser that plans your workouts, the company that aims to keep you fit, lean and muscular for life, today announced the launch of its Fitnex personalised exercise analyser. Fitnex is a free online tool which evaluates people’s exercise and fitness goals and provides comprehensive tailored suggestions based on their current situation, ability, exercise preferences, available time and future fitness aspirations.

“Although there’s a glut of good advice out there on how to exercise, how to eat and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it can take a lot of searching to find all the information that relates directly to you and your situation,” says Andy C Watson, product director at “We wanted to create something that would point people in exactly the right direction based on their own unique set of circumstances.”

The Fitnex personalised exercise analyser has been developed in-house at without the use of any third party software or plugins, making it unique in its field. It has been coded from the ground up to create a sophisticated tool that generates highly bespoke information and guidance, all based on just six questions, ensuring the experience is not only tailored and comprehensive, but as simple as possible for users.

Unlike the countless ‘what exercise should I do?’ exercise and fitness quizzes that are available on social media, Fitnex is far more than a game that delivers general advice generated from a crude scoring system based on your answers. Fitnex is serious about your fitness goals and treats each answer in isolation first, but then applies Boolean logic to the overall response to ensure the right advice is given at the right time. The real strength of Fitnex is that although its programming is highly complex behind the scenes, the user interface is simple to use and the test can be completed in less than a minute. From exercise type, to frequency, to nutrition, Fitnex provides a bespoke plan which allows people to make progress in the direction and at the speed that suits them.

“Fitnex is a complex tool and we’ve spent hundreds of hours getting it right so people can spend less time hunting for a fitness routine that works for them and more time actually working out,” says Watson. “Our aim is to help people step up, get on and stay on the road to fitness for life. This easy-to-use free online tool goes a long way to helping, regardless of the level of experience and fitness prowess that somebody already has.”

Fitnex can be found on the website at and provides comprehensive guidance and bespoke suggestions based on each individual’s unique requirements. By tailoring its responses based on user inputs, Fitnex helps avoid the wasted time and frustrations associated with searching the internet for appropriate exercise advice.

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