19 Signs That You’re A Workout Legend

This could go either way. If you recognise all of the 19 situations below and can tick them off then you could be a workout legend. On the other hand, perhaps you’re just a gym rat obsessive!

Back in the 1990s when I was in the middle of a full-on-get-big-crusade, I checked off all but three of these. Now I have just one to conquer. How many look familiar to you and are there any more that need adding to the list? Let me know!

You know you’re a workout legend when:

  • Your’re trying to find a gym that’s open on Christmas Eve, because it’s not a rest day.
  • You’re drinking tuna blended into a pint of apple juice.
  • You try to sleep on your lunch break so you produce more growth hormone.
  • You pushed so much food down your throat in one sitting that you puked it all out again and all you could think about was the waste of calories.
  • You do five sets of 100 calf raises and have to walk on your tip toes for three days.
  • You’ve given up alcohol for at least six months “because it’s catabolic”.
  • You can’t fit your thighs into trousers and have to buy a waist size that’s way too big, just so you can get your legs in.
  • You’ve turned a door handle and snapped it clean off “accidentally”.
  • You long for leg day.
  • You’ve forgotten what white bread tastes like.
  • Your shirts are starting to gape between the button holes.
  • You can do a 10 rep set of Bruce Lee’s Dragon Flag exercise.
  • You can draw the chemical structure of at least three amino acids.
  • You have become completely disillusioned by the inaccuracy of body fat measurement devices.
  • Rest days scare you.
  • You have body measurement and weight charts that you fill in every two weeks.
  • You have before and after photos for most exercise programmes that you’ve undertaken, with notes on how you performed on each one.
  • You have an old ring binder with all your workout sessions going back for years.
  • You have a photo of yourself shaking hands with an IFBB pro.

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Original image courtesy of Spideyprl and modified by me

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