Body Beast – Everything You Need To Know

Body Beast is the at-home DVD workout from Beachbody that promises to slap serious amounts of lean muscle onto your body.

The full workout schedule takes 90 days and unlike many of the DVD home workouts from Beachbody and others, this workout series involves lifting weights. A lot.

There are two different Body Beast routes for you to choose from: Huge Beast and Lean Beast.

Huge Beast has been designed for people who are primarily interested in adding mass.

Lean Beast helps keep the fat gain to a minimum as you start to slap on the bulk, by incorporating cardio.

Both programmes are included in the Body Beast DVD pack, so it’s up to you which version you follow.


  • Set of 5 DVDs in a wallet, with 12 different workouts in total
  • Body Beast Huge Beast and Lean Beast workout charts
  • The Book of Beast nutrition and training guide
  • Supplements sales literature
  • Body Beast free t-shirt leaflet


The Book of Beast is part fitness manual, part nutrition and supplement guide and part insider account of the world of bodybuilding.

Book of Beast explains each of the Body Beast phases in depth so that you will understand why the program is broken into discrete training blocks.

It walks you through the nutrition plan, including calculating how many calories you will need to help you learn what to eat to build muscle mass and provides you with easy-to-follow recipes.

The Book of Beast gives you sound advice on how to maintain the muscular physique you’ll develop. Welcome to the long game, you will soon be a participant!


For all the detail on Body Beast read the full review.

If you lifted any free weights in your life you will enjoy Body Beast. The workouts go back to the basics of pumping iron, but there are some new lifting methodologies. You will be working out for 30 to 50 minutes each session. You do not need to spend 2 hours at this in the gym to get results.

Don’t get me wrong, it is challenging. Your first week will result in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), but you will adapt.

There are Body Beast Build workouts, which tend to be longer, and Body Beast Bulk workouts, which tend to be shorter. There is also a Total Body workout and a Beast Cardio workout, both designed to reduce body fat as efficiently as possible without sacrificing muscle mass.

Body Beast utilizes periodization, a proven bodybuilding strategy, and is split into 3 major parts: Build, Bulk, and Beast.

The idea is to allow you to build muscle and strength (Build)… then force your body to rapidly increase in size (Bulk)… then burn off any unwanted body fat to create the lean, muscular look most guys want (Beast).

There is no doubt about it, you will need to work hard to make your biggest gains. Also, do not expect to be ripped and jacked in just 90 days. That cannot happen and anyone telling you otherwise is a liar.

However, you will see some great gains and will be in far better shape after your 90 days of beast.

You will feel stronger and bigger. People will notice it. You will feel purposeful, that’s the best way that I can explain it.


Here’s the detail on all the Body Beast training sessions. Pick them off one by one!