Workout Philosophies From The Original Heroes of Bodybuilding

Top workout and fitness philosophies from the original heroes of bodybuilding.

Back in the day, when I first started weight training properly and working out in the gym, there was a legion of cool hard core bodybuilders, the original heroes of bodybuilding. People like Tom Platz, Arnold, Shawn Ray, Berry de Mey, Mike Mentzer and Frank Zane. Big guys with a philosophy as well as a physique, a poetic insight into the mind that sculpts the body.

Back then I was blazing all guns in the gym and reading everything I could get my hands on. Then I ditched it all. For nearly 15 years. But now I’m back on the fitness trail and for a little bit of nostalgia I thought I’d dig back across the years and revisit some of the iron philosophy from the last century.

So here it is, fitness philosophies from the original heroes of bodybuilding:

Tom Platz Inspirational Quote



Mike Mentzer Inspirational Quote


Tweet:  In order to lead the orchestra you must first turn your back from the crowd

Frank Zane Inspirational Quote



Ernie Taylor Quote Bodybuilding

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