Fitnex: Your Personal Exercise Analyser

Hey! Fitnex will calculate your ideal fitness and nutrition programme for free, based on a few key questions that deliver the absolute best results for your goals, likes, abilities and time constraints.

Built on nearly 60,000 words of wisdom and 3,000 lines of computer code, Fitnex is pretty complex on the inside, but it’s easy to use. You will get a very comprehensive result.

Fitnex delivers a personalised and highly detailed plan based on your answers, so don’t expect a quick fix. This is not a quiz to take for the fun of it. Fitnex is the real deal.

Just answer the six questions below and your personal fitness and nutrition profile will be generated. Job done!

Unlike fitness quizzes on social media, Fitnex is serious about your fitness goals and provides a bespoke plan which allows you to make progress in the direction and at the speed that suits you.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours getting it right so you can spend less time hunting around for fitness routines, exercise ideas and nutrition advice and more time actually getting fit! The aim of Fitnex is to help you step up, get on and stay on the road to fitness for life.

Anyway, enough of the waffle, just answer the questions below and get stuck in with your own free Fitnex exercise and nutrition routine.

What's your current level of fitness?

I haven't exercised properly for months
I do a little now and again
I do structured exercise at least once a week
I make sure I exercise regularly throughout the week

What’s your level of stickability?

I am great at motivating myself and have no problem sticking at something for months and months
As long as I see results I will keep going
Sometimes I need a bit of help with my motivation
I really need someone to push me to keep going

What are your fitness goals?

I just want to lose weight at the moment
I want to lose weight and tone up my body
I mainly want to lose some fat, but also gain muscle
I want to improve my fitness levels
I mainly want to gain muscle, but also want to lose some fat
It's all about adding muscle

Where do you prefer to exercise?

I like working out at home
Outside is where I want to be
I like to exercise inside, but not at home

Do you prefer exercising in an organised group?

Yes, exercising in a group is for me
No, I like exercising on my own or with a pal

How much time do you have for exercise?

Just one or two days each week
I have time to exercise three or four times each week
I can exercise most days