Download The Insanity Workout Calendar

If you want to download your Insanity calendar and fit test, and are interested in how exactly the Insanity workout is scheduled, then this is the place you need to be. Here are the key things that you need to know:

  • The Insanity workout is divided into three sections: month one, recovery week and month two.
  • The whole program lasts for nine weeks (63 days).
  • For the entire period, every week you will exercise for six days and have one day’s rest and recovery.
  • One of the six days of workouts will be a recovery workout, which consists mainly of stretching and balance work.
  • You will take a fit test every two weeks or so. In the second month you will take your fit test and then do a full workout session directly afterwards.
  • In month one, the average workout length is 40 minutes.
  • In recovery week, you are repeating the same workout each day and it is around 35 minutes.
  • The average workout length in month two increases to around an hour, but can go as long as 80 minutes on some days.

Download the Insanity workout calendar:

The Insanity Workout Calendar

Download the Insanity fit test worksheet:

The Insanity Fit Test Sheet

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