Body Beast Bulk Shoulders: Workout Review 2

Let’s go. Beast Mode!

This workout session blasts all three heads of the shoulders: the anterior (front), medial (side) and posterior (rear) deltoids.

This session lasts around 35 minutes and you’re going to need your bench or stability ball and your dumbbells. If you have one, then you can use your EZ curl bar too. I stick with my Orbus adjustable dumbbells as they’re just so quick to swap the weights out and in.

Time For The Warm Up

The warm up is one of the longer ones – almost 3 minutes, which is still ridiculously short for a warm up, but that seems to be Sagi’s way.

As well as the usual jogging and arm circles, there’s a lot of weighted exercise as well. Very useful, as the shoulders are quite an intricate muscle group and need to be warmed up carefully before you start to blast them to pieces.

You’ll get through some light weight arm raises, shoulder presses, upright rows and a set of reverse flyes. Quite a workout on its own and definitely gets you ready for what’s to come.

Lateral Raise and Arnold Press

We start off simple enough, with a superset session, lateral raise followed by Arnold press. Three supersets in total. 15 reps, down to 12, down to 8, with a double set of 8 Arnold presses to finish off.

The Arnold press is an old friend that I’ve not had in my training routines for maybe 15 years, so it was great to get reacquainted. Named after the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, who used it to spark new shoulder growth when he’d hit a plateau, you sit on a bench with the dumbbells under your chin. All in the same motion, push the weights up and rotate your arms around so your palms are facing forward.

I love this move and it really works those front delts! You’ll need to use less weight than in your usual shoulder press, and make sure you focus on that form.

Upright Row

Now we move onto the progressive set. Six sets of upright rows, starting with 15 reps, down to 12, down to 8. A minute or so rest, then we’re heading back up the reps: 8, 12, 15.

If you have an EZ curl bar, then you can use it here. If not, like me, stick with the dumbbells.

Start with a light weight, then increase the weight as the reps come down to 8. Then you’re supposed to increase back up from 8.

I can’t quite use the same weight for the second half of the six sets (8, 12 and 15). I guess I’ve just blasted my shoulders too much in the first three descending sets.

At one point, Sagi is kneeling on the ground behind his bench, waiting for them to change plates. He looks around his bench to the camera and says:

“You can’t hide me! I’m not hiding. I’m not going anywhere!”

Alternate Front Raise And Twist-Twist

“Twist, twist. Down, up! Pick it up!! Why you breathing so heavy?”

For the alternating front raise start by sitting on your bench in an upright position, with the dumbbells down by your side. Lift one dumbbell up in front of you, to eye level with your arm straight. Bring that arm down and repeat on the other side. Each 2 rep combination counts as one rep.

The alternating front raise drops the reps down 15, 12, 8. The twist-twist exercise slots in between, but stays at 10 reps for each set.

The twist-twist is exactly as it sounds. Grab a weight plate. If you don’t have a weight plate, then use a mid-weight dumbbell. Start with your arms extended holding the plate like a steering wheel down on your lap.

Keeping your arms extended, raise the plate up so that it is straight in front of you, then twist the plate to left and then to the right, as if you’re turning a car’s steering wheel. Bring it back down and repeat the move for a total of 10 reps in each set.

Reverse Fly

This is tough and tricky!

It’s another progressive set. Six sets of reverse flyes, starting with 15 reps, down to 12, down to 8. A minute or so rest, then we’re heading back up the reps: 8, 12, 15.

“Everything touching on the bench. I want your whole body to hug the bench.”

Set up your bench in an incline position and lay face down on it. With dumbbells in your hands open up your arms to 180 degrees, keeping your elbows slightly bent during the move. Basically it’s the same movement as a normal fly, but you’re facing downwards instead of laying on your back on the bench.

You really have to grip the bench with your legs to stay in position. I also jam my toes up against the bench legs to make sure I don’t move anywhere during each rep.

These suckers hurt!

Superman Stretch And Plank Twist-Twist

We’re close to the finish line now, with some lighter ab work to end the session.

For the superman stretch, get down on your hands and knees, then raise one hand up in front of you, pushing the opposite leg out behind you, then return. Each side once counts as one whole rep. For this session we’re doing 10 of these.

Follow this with 30 seconds of the plank twist-twist, start in plank position and twist your body while bringing your knee in towards the opposite elbow. Your knee doesn’t need to go all the way to the elbow, just bring it in half way and then back to plank. You need to do this move very fast, so go for it!

Cool Down

This is a minute of stretching your arms, lats, and shoulders. It’s over very quickly!

This is the only Body Beast Bulk session that doesn’t include the force set session of 5 sets of 5 reps. I guess with the shoulders being such a small and intricate muscle group, Sagi decided that they could be over-trained by throwing such a blitz into the mix.

I do like hitting the shoulders. This is a great routine for really nailing all three of your deltoid heads. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Body Beast Bulk Shoulders: Workout Review

  • Gabriel

    I love the Arnold press but I’ve never really understood it. What is it about the twist at the bottom that makes it work so differently? It seems like that twist wouldn’t make a difference, but you can definitely FEEL the difference the next day!

    • Andy C Watson Post author

      Yup, I definitely get more of a burn from the Arnold press than the military press! I think that twist at the bottom puts focus on the front delt and the upper chest a bit more. Also, I think I concentrate on form more when I’m doing the Arnold – the extra movement just means I’m focusing on the muscles more, rather than just lifting and lowering. I think the standard press works the side delts more though.