Body Beast Bulk Chest: Workout Review

“I love my chest to stick out of my shirt. And we’re going to a whole new level. We’ve finished high school, we’re going to college now. Bulk your chest. Use bigger shirts – and man up!”

That’s Sagi’s personal message at the start of the Body Beast: Bulk Chest session. This guy certainly has his intros dialled in for maximum impact.

This is a tough workout, but at just 30 minutes you can dig in, power through and really give it the effort and determination that it deserves.

As with all the Body Beast workouts, we start with a very quick warm-up, a little more than two minutes of jogging, arm circles and three different width press ups – close, shoulder width and going wide.

And then we’re off!

What You’ll Need

For this session you’re going to need a bench or stability ball and your dumbbells. That is all. Simple session.

This workout combines super sets, force sets, and progressive sets to take your chest development to another level.

Incline Fly And Incline Press Superset

We jump straight into the grind with supersets of incline fly and incline press, three sets of each in total.

The incline flyes pre-exhaust your chest so that you get it working to its max on the dumbbell press.

“Gimme all you got, because The BEAST is about… to unleash!”

Superset 1: incline fly: 15 reps
Superset 1: incline press: 15 reps
Superset 2: incline fly (increase the weight): 12 reps
Superset 2: incline press (increase the weight): 12 reps
Superset 3: incline fly (increase the weight): 8 reps
Superset 3 drop set: incline press (increase the weight): 8 reps
Superset 3 drop set finale: incline (decrease the weight): 8 reps

After this workout block my chest is already feeling fit to burst. I like the way the incline work really targets the upper part of the pectorals, with the flyes accentuating the centre line of the chest to pull out some striated definition.

Chest Press With Rotation

Here it is for chest. There’s always a force set of some description in the Body Beast Bulk programmes. For now it’s the chest press with rotation.

Get ready to get blasted.

5 sets of 5 reps, with just 5 seconds rest between each set. This is the big one.

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, lay flat with the weights near your shoulders and palms facing your torso. Press the weights up and rotate your hands to the traditional bench press position.

The killer on this section, as always with the force sets, is that after each set of 5, you need to keep everything tensed for 5 seconds as you hold the dumbbell at the lower position, rather than just letting it rest on your chest, then straight into the next set.

Incline Press

Now we’re into the progressive sets. Six sets of incline press, starting with 15 reps, down to 12, down to 8. A minute or so rest, then we’re heading back up the reps: 8, 12, 15.

Start with a light weight, then increasing the weight as the reps come down to 8. Then you’re increasing the reps back up from 8 while reducing the weight.

This is a tough block to get through and you’ll be able to really feel the blood pumping into your chest as you grind your way through these 6 sets.

This is probably my favourite part of the whole Body Beast Bulk Chest routine.

Close Grip Press To Fly Combo Set

This is a new one for the Body Beast bulk series. The combo set uses a single set, but combines two different exercises into one monster pec-blaster!

The structure of the session is a set of 15 with comparatively light weights, followed by a short rest. Then you’re into a set of 12 with medium weights and a short rest. Finish it off with a set of 8 with heavy weights.

The close grip press to fly combo set, as the name suggests, involves doing a close grip press using dumbbells. Then at the top of the push go into a fly and then when you’re back at the top, lowering down to the chest again to finish the close grip press. This monster combination counts as just one rep!

The Beast’s words of wisdom at this point:

“Whatever it takes to get your pecks nice, massive, beefy, beasty. Whatever you say – I’m good with that. Whatever it takes.”

Decline Push-Up, Cobra To Airplane And Russian Twist Multi-Set

The Multi Set in Body Beast has you alternating between exercises.
First it’s a set of 15 decline push-ups, putting your feet on your weights bench crossways, followed immediately with no rest, by 10 cobra to airplanes. You’ll be familiar with these from the Build Back and Bis workout.

You then get a short rest and do a set of 12 decline push-ups, followed immediately with no rest by 30 seconds of body weight Russian twists, where you sit in a C-sit position and twist side to side using your obliques and almost touching your elbows to the ground on each side.

After the Russian twists you get another short rest and finish off the session with an 8 rep set of decline push-ups.

This is a painful end to a painful half hour, and you’ll definitely feel like you’ve worked your chest to its extremes. Get it on to get big beyond belief!!!

Cool Down

This is 1 minute 40 seconds of stretching out your chest and shoulders using your bench or ball

This is a great session and is going to slap the beef on your chest. It’s all about consistent, incremental improvement. Keep going and keep gaining!!

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Have you done this workout? Let me know how you got on, I’d love to hear from you. What was your favourite exercise and was there anything that got the better of you? How are you finding this session if you’re been through it 4, 5, 6 or 7 times – let me know!

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