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Body Beast promises to slap some serious muscle onto your body as well as stripping out the fat, but what equipment do you need for the Body Beast workout routines?

Unlike many DVD home workouts, this workout series involves lifting weights. A lot. And because of that you’re going to need some gym equipment to begin your body beast transformation into a beast muscle mass gainer.

What Do You Get With Body Beast?

My Body Beast package arrived in the usual Beachbody brown box, which included:

  • Set of 5 DVDs in a wallet. There’s an extra slot to ad in a “tempo” DVD for extra cost
  • Body Beast Huge Beast and Lean Beast workout charts
  • The Book of Beast nutrition and training guide
  • Supplements sales literature
  • Body Beast free t-shirt leaflet


And What Equipment Do You Need To Buy?

The good news is that you won’t need to buy a lot of gym equipment to start your Body Beast workout routine.

You just need three pieces of equipment. That’s all.

You can buy more if you want to, but dumbbells, a bench and a pull up bar are all that I use and it works great for me.

(1) The Dumbbells

You’re going to need some decent weight variations and you’re going to need to be able to switch the weights very quickly if you want to keep up with the DVD.

Sagi doesn’t give you much time to rest between sets and you don’t want to be using all that rest time fumbling around with swapping weights over on your dumbbells.

Also, on the drop sets and giant sets you’ll need to change the weight very quickly. If you don’t you’ll end up having to pause the DVD, which will slow down your gains as well as your training sessions.

I decided to buy myself a set of Orbus adjustable dumbbells, which were one of the best fitness equipment purchases that I have ever made. Check out my review of the Orbus adjustable dumbbell set here.

(2) The Bench

You can actually use a burst-proof blow up exercise ball if you don’t have a bench. You do get a guy on the DVD doing modified moves on the exercise ball.

I got myself a bench, it’s a fairly fundamental piece of kit, so definitely worth the investment. I don;t really trust an exercise ball all that much if I’m going to be using it when I’m lifting weights.

I’d rather focus all my attention on pushing out the poundage than worrying about an exercise ball wobbling around underneath me. If you do decide on using an exercise ball, that focus on balancing will mean that you won’t be able to lift as much weight.

The workout bench that I went for was under £30 and I’d definitely recommend it to you. It’s from a company called We R Sports and here’s my review. For that sort of money it’s just not worth going without.

(3) The Pull Up Bar

You can buy rubber bands instead, but as a pull up bar is fairly cheap it’s worth the investment. I’m living in a very old cottage at the moment and the doors are all weird sizes, so there’s only one door that I can hook the bar onto, but that’s all I need.

There are essentially three different types of pull up bar: doorway friction bars, hook-over basic bars and hook-over deluxe bars.

The friction bars wedge into the doorframe and are held by friction (obviously!). They are a bit dodgy and can fail.

The hook-over type locks in over the doorframe and then the other side pushes into the doorframe. The weight of your body holds it in place and it won’t move anywhere. The hook over deluxe is the same principle, but allows you different hand grip positions and wide or narrow grip.

I went for a hook-over bar that has wide and narrow grip options, it’s definitely worth you buying one like this as you need to do different pull up variants.


And that’s pretty much it. You could buy an EZ bar as well – a barbell that has bends in it to allow different grip varieties – but you don’t really need it.

The dumbbells, the bench and the chin up bar are all you really need.

So, go grab your Body Beast equipment, get into beast mode for your workout and take a look at my Body Beast workout schedules that you can download and use to keep track of your progress.

Take a look at the full list of my articles about the Body Beast exercise program, you’ll probably find some great tips and pointers!

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