Body Beast Build Legs: Workout Review

You will fear stairs. There’s no doubt about it. After you complete the Body Beast Build Legs workout session, you. Will. Fear. Stairs. This is my Body Beast Build Legs review.

After the chest triceps workout blast yesterday, it’s pretty darn good to be shifting to the legs. My upper body feels like a bundle of bruises.

Body Beast Build Legs is just over 38 minutes long and you’re going to need:

The legs consist of some of the largest muscle groups in your body, so you’re going to feel this session. Your heart is going to be popping out of your chest as it pushes all that blood around your body to oxygenate those muscle fibres in your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Let’s go!

As with all the Body Beast workouts, we start with a quick warm-up, less than two minutes of jogging, hip twists, reverse lunges and sumo squats.

Single Set: Sumo Squat

We’re going for four sets here – 15, 12, 8 and 8 reps, increasing the weight on each set, except for that final drop set.

Grab your weight and hold it vertically under your chin. With a wide stance, squat down going as low as you can. Repeat in a quick tempo.

For the final 8-8 sets we’re into drop set territory. Hit your first set of 8 then immediately switch to a lighter weight for those last 8 reps.

Super Set: Alternating Lunge And Step-Up To Reverse Lunge

Holding dumbbells, step forward into a lunge position and back to upright, alternating legs one by one. Then, straight after, go for the step-up to reverse lunge. Here’s how.

Face the long edge of the bench with dumbbells in each hand, step onto the bench and then down again and into a reverse lunge.  This is a bit tricky to do at first and really got my thighs burning.

Sagi quote:

You with me baby?  Come on.  We gotta go places.  We gotta get huge.  B-i-i-i-i-i-g legs.

Keep your form and make sure you also keep your balance. The Body Beast step-up to reverse lunge can be a bit dangerous if you don’t do it right. We’re hitting three sets of these. 12, 10, 8 reps with a bit of rest in between. And once those three sets have been done, it’s the same on the other leg.

For the last set, Sagi tells you you’re going to get tired (which is no surprise) and if you’re too tired, complete this round without weights.

Giant Set: Parallel Squat, Bulgarian Squat And Straight Leg Deadlift

No drop sets this time, it’s 3 sets of 15, 12 and 8 reps. But we’re going for all three exercises in succession with no rest.

This is nasty, especially the Bulgarian squat. My legs were like I didn’t own them when I’d finished this lot, they just felt like jelly.

For the parallel squat, it’s your basic squat movement. With a weight in each hand, squat straight down and keep your chest up. The Bulgarian Squat put one leg on a chair or bench behind you (yes, really!!!) and the other leg bending at 90 degrees, then squat. Yowch.

With the stiff leg deadlift, it’s not too much about the weight, but more about getting the form right. With legs straight and dumbbells held by the tops of your thighs, bow forwards, keeping your legs straight and the weights almost touching your legs all the way down. Keep that back straight and really feel the pull on the backs of your legs. If you have an E-Z bar use it for this exercise.

Sagi quote:

No limits.  No quitting.  Winning.  Let’s go!

Single Leg Calf Raise And Seated Calf Raise

While holding onto the bench or ball (only for support), you do calf raises with one leg.  Then, you sit down with the weights on top of your knees and raise your heels off the ground. These are to-the-max sets, just keep on going and do as many reps as you can within 30 seconds.

Your calves are going to be burning!!!! Now repeat!

In And Outs

OK, this is the last exercise in the Body Beast Build Legs workout and you are going to be very thankful for that. I was, that’s for sure.

Sagi quote:

It’s not easy. I never said it’s gonna be easy.  But you know what?  The Beast is with you all the way.

This is a real ab burner. In a V-like sitting position, extend your legs out and back in towards your chest. Keep your hands beside your hips. Do as many of these as you can in 30 seconds

A quick stretch and cool down, and ‘boom’ we is done! Hit the showers.

For me, this has to be the hardest of the Body Beast Build workout sessions. It is a total Beast and it hurts. But it is such a great feeling when you complete the session. I know that it is going to slap size on my thighs and get the rest of my body growing as well.

My home gym is upstairs at the moment. Walking back downstairs I was clinging to the banister rail every step of the way to stop myself falling over!

Also, I’m so glad I bought a set of Orbus adjustable dumbbells or I would have been running around grabbing weights all the time, undoing dumbbell collars, spending too much time between sets and having to pause the video. It’s great that I was just able to get stuck in and focus on the workout.

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Have you done this workout? Let me know how you got on, I’d love to hear from you. What was your favourite exercise and was there anything that got the better of you? Get in touch and share your story.

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